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Experience Points for Posts: After every game, you may make a post to the adventure log. This post can help flesh out what your character feels about what happened, or some part of their back story, or anything else you want. As long as the GM deems the post sufficient, you will receive 10% extra Experience Points on the next adventure. Posts are due before the end of Thursday. Note that these are totally for fun, so if it’s something you’re doing just to get XP, your Game Master will probably be a bastard and deny you the XP anyway. Don’t post if you don’t have a good idea or way to flesh out your character with a scene.

Dramatic Persona: Pretentious Latin.
Prestige Classes: Master list of Prestige Classes used in the Scarred Lands.
Races: Brief overview of playable races.
Sourcebooks: A list of sourcebooks which may be used.
Substitute Class Abilities and Special Rules: Optional differences between core 3.5 classes and Scarred Lands.
Wealth: Tracking the party’s loots.

Locations & Useful Notes

This section will contain links to locations the party has visited, information they know about it, and other relevant, useful notes about the world and the campaign. Players should feel free to ask questions on the forum, or suggest material they would like to see here.

Calendar: What day is it, anyway?
Mezzel: A small town which was suffering Morgaunt infection.
Trela: Where this story began.

Main Page

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