The Serpent Amphora Cycle

The Serpent Citadel, Part 2

The seasons turn, summer turns to autumn, the Verdant Lord welcomes heroes into his home, and the Serpent Amphora is destroyed. Denev’s spirit is saved, and the Song of Unmaking is kept safe by the Choir of the Ages. For the first time in many generations, the threat of Mormo has been diminished to the point of obsolescence.

As the leaves change to the warm autumn colors, Denev’s spirit is at peace and has blessed the Ganjus once more. Great flowers are blooming and the elves are in resurgence. Save for the djinn trapped in the Elemental Planes, the Earth Mother’s children are in harmony with Scarn.

What other adventures await the intrepid warriors who felled the Serpent Amphora? Only time will tell, but it is likely their story is far from over, for in the depths of Khet, the Bringers of Autumn revel in their success. While the trap they had labored for nearly a year had failed, it had also succeeded, in a sense. The Amphora and modified Song of Unmaking had not destroyed Denev yet.

Yet, the Autumn King had proven his theory: mere mortal magics could destroy a Titan, if properly amplified. With but a little more planning, perhaps even an immortal could die, and the Ancients could at last have their revenge for the Time Before.


taninwulf taninwulf

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