The Serpent Amphora Cycle

The Serpent Citadel, Part 1

Hielaa the Hag howled in laughter as she rode upon the Woodwrack dragon. After too long chasing the fools who thought to keep the Amphora from her, the Daughter of Mormo had finally recovered mother’s sacred relic. The plan had been simple, but elegant: instead of chasing the Amphora across the countryside, let the fools bring it to the doorstep of the Hornsaw.

Once so close, Hielaa knew she could simply reach out and pluck the Serpent Amphora from the fools. Unfortunately, the Blood Crone would not return to Annot Kalambath for some time, meaning that Hielaa and the others of the Dar al Annot would have to keep the damn thing safe.

“Soon,” Hielaa hissed, “soon you will be free again, Mother of Serpents, and the Scarred Lands will have her queen once more!”


We have come to the edge of death too many times for my comfort, but there is naught I can do but continue on this perilous quest. Twice in recent days I almost lost my dear companion Huan; once to a wyvern’s sting and once to a wood golem. I thought none of us would survive that last fight.

But survive we did, and a good thing for the forces of these so-called gods that we did, for there are no others to pursue the flight of the Amphora. We had dueled with Hielaa before, but this time she had triumphed by capturing the Amphora and absconding with the dread item. True, we defeated one of her sister hags in battle, as well as laying low the golem it had sought to use to slay us. However, what use that victory if the Mother of Serpents rises again?

Now, we race through forest and over hill towards the Hornsaw where I fear the Amphora has gone. We fall ever behind Hielaa, who rides a swift-flying Woodwrack Dragon. While the powers of Denev make a path for us, we are no match for the monster that soars ahead of us. Hielaa will arrive at her destination long before we catch her.

What will we find there?

The Serpent Citadel, Part 1

So close, yet so far, Valda thought as they traveled again after the cursed amphora. Through much trial and trepidation she and her companions had traveled across the continent to the might Ganjus forest, taking the Amphora to the wood elves at the request, no, order of the High Commander of Vesh. The wise elves were going to help take care of the problem of the amphora, before the titanspawn could use it for their ill-purposes.

Traveling with Belemir had its delights, though while the elf was wise in many ways, he was lost in the ways of women. Why Valda never saw him this way before, she did not know, nor did she question – what the heart wants, the mind works to get. She wondered how he would adapt to the frigid northlands – well, they could visit his home some too, Valda didn’t have to stay at the Witchmount all the time.

But those thoughts were for naught, until the amphora was returned. In the storm hag’s hands, who knew what could happen? The essence of Mormo must be kept trapped, not used for some foul ritual.

After their success – Valda did not doubt with her help that they would be victorious, then the sorceress would take the wood elf and his friend Huan home for a little vacation. They could all use some rest.

The Serpent Citadel, Part 1
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